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Archaeology in the Aegean Sea-

Courses in Marine and Coastal Archaeology
June 20th to July 11th 2010

Study Abroad Maritime Courses - Despotiko, South Bay
The abundance of archaeological sites in the Aegean Sea,
legacy of the ancient civilizations that have emerged here, provides the inspiration for these unique courses.

Through a combination of field work and classroom sessions, students will discover the significant role of the marine element in the development of Aegean cultures.

The course focuses on the techniques involved in marine and coastal archaeological study. Field excursions to sites with Neolithic settlements, Cycladic, Classical or Roman wrecks and Archaic sanctuaries create our journey through time.

Students are taught how to detect man-made breaks in nature's chaotic patterns that reveal astonishing finds in clear, shallow water. Underwater photography, search, survey and excavation techniques are some of the skills introduced.

Our guest lecturers and staff make presentations on renowned discoveries and prominent archaeological projects they have been or are currently involved in.

Nestling at the heart of the Cyclades, the crossroads of ancient maritime routes linking mainland Greece to Asia Minor, Paros is the perfect setting for this course.

Maritime Courses Study Abroad - Nudibranch Wreck of Antikithira

Cost, Schedule and Other Details for the intensive field course which will be held in the summer of 2010 >>>

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